Jayla Jumps In

  • 2 min read

By Joy Jones

Book Source: DRC provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available in September 2020

1. This book is good for a diverse library.     The main characters look like my classmates so I hope this gets added to my school’s libraries.

2. The girl Jayla, feels like everyone is ignoring her, and she is a little sad. Kids feel this a lot. I feel this way sometimes. I know I am not being ignored but it feels that way.

3. Jayla’s cousin shows her a video of double dutch jumpers, and learns that her mother jumped double dutch. Double dutch is jump rope with two ropes.

4. Jayla really wants to jump double dutch, but nobody else can. She starts a club, but the teacher is a weird, forgetful,  and scatterbrained teacher.

5. Jayla is just frustrated with everything, but it gets better. This book helps kids understand they need to keep trying. The more effort you put in, the better you get.

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