Cleopatra in Space 6: Queen of the Nile

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By Mike Maihack

Book Source: Mike sent me DRC so I could review and probably so I would be quiet. I am the BIGGEST Fan of this series

Book Status: Available August 4, 2020

Four years ago, I interviewed Mike. Today, I am sharing about the end of my most favorite series. Other kids might be excited about the next Dav Pilkey or Wimpy Kid or Raina, but I am all about Mike Maihack. I mean I make faces like this when I get copies.

So maybe I won’t say much about book 6 other than BUY IT. The story ends well though a little vague so you can create your own idea of what happens. It is satisfying to a point but I did ask my grownups (including Mike) to clarify a few things. Then again, I am use to people really clearly ending something. Mike didn’t do that and it is growing on me.

As always, the graphics and colors are visually exciting. I love how Mike lays things out so you feel like you are in motion on the page. There are lots of hiddens details so after you read it, go back and look a images.

Cleopatra in Space is the defining series for me. Prior to it, I was not a huge reader. I found Cleo via Free Comic Book Day. We even found the photo from that day. I had no clue who Cleopatra was and it wasn’t until a week later, she and I were besties. This series opened my eyes to graphic novels and well, it is the gateway to my world.

I have dressed as Cleopatra a couple times. My very first cosplay contest costume was her.

My room has a bunch of Cleopatra illustrations on the walls.

I have met Mike a couple times. He even had a talk about his work while I was in Florida once. I happily left Disney early to go see him. Yep, Mike is better than Disney. The next time, I got up at the crack of dawn to drive to Toronto just to say hi.

I am sad that my adventures with Cleopatra has ended. I know I will be a Mike fan forever and can’t wait to see what he does next. The good news is today is the release of Cleopatra in Space TV Show on Peacock. I have ever intention of binging this series today.

A very long way of saying Cleopatra in Space is a defining series for me and could be for other kids. It doesn’t get recommended as much as Amulet or Mighty Jack or Zita but it should. It is right there with them. This is me saying read it.

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