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Name: Valerie


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– How old are you?- I am 10 years old.

Why did you start reviewing books?– I’ve always loved reading. I was reading all these amazing books, but not sharing them with anyone. During COVID-19 distance learning, one of our assignments was to present a virtual book talk. I had a lot of fun sharing my book talk and I discovered a few interesting books from my classmates’ book talks. I found it to be a really fun and interactive way to learn and share about books. The summer holiday was around the corner and I decided to start doing book talks as my summer project!

What do you like about reviewing books? What is hard? One of the reasons I love reviewing books is because you get to share your thoughts and experience while reading. I also love it because you get to share great books while having fun. The hard thing is choosing what to review because there are so many great books in the world.

You are half way to your goal of reviewing 100 books. Do you think you will continue after 100 books?– I will definitely continue doing book talks because it is something that I love to do. It is so amazing to be interacting with so many amazing and down-to-earth authors. Their kind words and encouragements really push me forward.

What authors, illustrators and books have you most enjoyed?–   It’s a really hard one! But I really enjoyed “Bud, not Buddy”, “Stand up Yumi Chung”,  “It Ain’t so Awful Falafel”, and “Front Desk”. Some authors and illustrators that I love are Kelly Yang, Jessica Kim, and Vanessa Brantley- Newton. 

If you could portal into any book, which would it be?– If I could portal to any book it would be “Charmed” or “Flunked” because I would love to fly on a pegasus and meet fairies, trolls, and princesses!!

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