Last Mirror To The Left

  • 2 min read

By Lamar Giles

Illustration by Dapo Adeola

Book Source: DRC provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available on October 20, 2020

Last Mirror To The Left is the second book in the Last, Last Day of Summer series.

1. Cousins (Sheed and Otto Alston) join forces with Missus Nedraw to track down and capture a evil beast that escaped from one of her mirror prisons. The beast also broke his buddies out because you need friends when trying to take over the world. Duh!

2. The cousins travel through the mirror to a world that is reversed from theirs. Strange things happen in this new world and the cousins have to adjust at the same time as save the world.

3.The cousins join forces with the other worlds versions of their friends and even a gang of spider dancers. Each has a negative opinion on the other world. This is a really good example of making opinions on things we don’t understand. It turns out they are all right and wrong because there no perfect world.

4. There is a tie to the first book, with Otoo finding a potential cure. There are side effects that need to be considered.

5. My favorite thing in the book is how the escaped beast imprisons the Wright Brothers! HE IMPRISONED THE WRIGHT BROTHERS?!?!?!?! Yea, those guys. The ones that built the airplane. I can’t tell you more because it would ruin the book but it is so cool.

Kids will enjoy the fantasy of multiple worlds and how things could be different. Nothing is as it seems!

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