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By Jess Redman

Book Source: DRC provided for review

Book Status: Available July 28, 2020

Quintessence is a book about a girl named Alma, who sees a star fall from the sky and turn into a child. This sends Alma on an adventure of friendship and confidence. This book was heavily recommended to me and I was excited when I finally received a DRC.

1 Alma has panic attacks, and they impact her life a lot. Her panic attacks make it so she isn’t able to do things without running away.

2 Alma lives in a town called Four Points, which has a suspicous shop called Fifth Point. Her parents tell her to stay away from Fifth Point but one day she finds herself drawn to. The door is open and she enters. She meets the ShopKeeper, who lets her borrow a special telescope.

3 Alma joins an Astronomy Club, where she meets Hugo (a know-it-all), Shirin (popular girl who is always smiling), and Dustin (a mean and giant bully). These are her first friends as she is also new in town.

4 The shopkeeper tells Alma that she must grow the light and save the starling. Hugo finds a book describing the elementals and the starling, plus how to find the TRUE form of each classical element. This magical process is what brings the kids together and help them learn about themselves.

5 The book is great for kids with anxiety, because it mixes real-life, fantasy, trouble, adventure, suspense, mystery, and all the genres, together to make a perfect adventure for the characters. As a kid with anxiety, I felt the author described anxiety well and without making it shameful. Alma is not cured of her anxiety but she learns how to live with it. That is a critical thing for kids to learn – how to live with our anxiety, not let it drive our lives.

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