Shred Girls: Ali’s Rocky Ride

  • 2 min read

By Molly Hurford

Illustrations by Violet Lemay

Book Source: DRC provided for review

Book Status: Available today. Due to COVID-19, it is currently only available as e-book

This is the second Shred Girls book, and this one may be better than the first! This one focuses on Ali and her mountain biking.

1 . Ali is worried about how her brothers will act, because they are pro’s. She is also worried because, well, how are her friends going to react, because they are pro’s.

2. This book also factors in the friendship dynamics, because Jen is GIRLY GIRL, with the exception of cycling, and she obsesses about clothes and boys, and Ali is just not into that stuff.

3. This book is actually cooler for me reading it now. Last year it would not have been as awesome. Last year when I read the first Shred Girls, I was just riding around the neighborhood, not doing much tracking or anything. Now I’m a competitive cyclist and I train a lot, so it has more meaning and awesomeness.

4. This book also factors in the cute boy that aaaallllll good books have. You know, the one who is cute and funny and smart and you know, unbelievably perfect.

5. This book is great for right now, but not for the, it’s long, or engulfing, or you can’t put it down. Well… I could not stop reading it, I will admit, but it is great because it is something that you have to re-read some parts. It is a great distraction and maybe it will inspire another girl to take up cycling, like the first did for me.

If you can join the launch this afternoon, I suggest you do. Molly will not only share about the book but chat with real-life shred girls, including me.

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