Kindled Embers

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By K.C. Simos

Book Source: copy provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

1 . This book is set in a kingdom where the palace and the royals live in the country instead of the capital, and the servants are allowed to play alongside the princes. This book is set in a kingdom where fairy tales exist and the matchgirl is a true person. This book is set in a kingdom where the king forgets the past, and the prince remembers the past that never happened to him. Where a girl won’t give up, and another won’t either.

2 . Eliza is an orphan taken in by the caring man Jonas when she was young. Eliza is close friends with the princes, though a servant. The king is forcing Prince Anders to marry, and the lady Henriette, just will not realize that it will NEVER BE HER.

3 . Then, the Dryads Cede, a precious pearl, is stolen. Eliza’s foster father, Jonas, becomes the prime suspect, as he was last there in the treasure room, and though he is dismissed as a suspect by the royals, Meisling, a power hungry man who works at the palace, buttering up the princes, whom despise Meisling, as he is extremly annoying, hatches a plan to get Jonas arrested for a long time.

4 . Eliza and Jonas run, and they end up in Henriettes mansion, where Eliza searches her very pink room, and finds a clue… But is caught and then is suspected for being the thief. The pair then go to the capital where they meet Ida, a matchgirl. That night they find the place referenced in the clue, and meet and old friend of the king.

5 . They lodge in the old friend house, and Eliza finds her dream interesting, depicting the story of the matchgirl, Ida who turns to be their recently deceased, former lodgers, granddaughter, and I AM PRETTY SURE THAT I HAVE SPOILED A LOT SO I’M GOING TO STOP NOW!!!

6. I liked this story so much, I bought the second book to read more.

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