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1. When you were my age (11), did you like to read?
– Yes, I loved reading. Growing up, I have always seen my mom with a book in her hand. Probably that is where I got into the reading habit. Besides, every birthday my parents and my grandparents gifted me loads of books, so automatically reading became a habit.

2.     What is a book that made an impact on you? 

– Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

3.     Is it hard to come up with book ideas

A good book takes time. It takes a lot of research, jotting down ideas, filtering them down to what my audience will like, and then of course lots of drafts and iterations.

4. Is there a new or lesser known author you think kids should be aware of? 

With so many books coming out every year, lots and lots of books become less famous. Goodreads does a good job of featuring some lesser-known authors.

5.     What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author?

Read. Keep reading. Writing will come naturally.

6.     As an author, do you hear from your readers? What do you like about that?

Yes, hearing from my readers are like my achievements. Their reviews keep me going. 

I have received a 4-star review from Readers’ Favorite, Midwest-Book Review, and a number of reviews on,, and Goodreads. What interests me more is when children (their parents) have left reviews about enjoying reading my book because they are my audience. If they like my book then I believe, I have done a good job with it.          

7.     If you could portal into any book (yours or another person’s), what book would it be?

The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin in Tibet

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