• 2 min read

By Ash Van Otterloo

Book Source: DRC provided for review

Book Status: Available on August 4, 2020

1. The main characters are witches. Katybird and Delpha are their names and they come from two competing witch families. The chapters in the book alternate between their perspectives.

2. Kids would want to read this because they are two witch girls who don’t know their magic well and they are out of place in their families. Katybird doesn’t know how to control her magic and Delpha’s family has renounced magic.

3. Katybird and Delpha don’t like each other, and they have different ideas and ways to handle their magic. They don’t realize how much they have in common.

4. This book is realllllllllllly good for quarantine because it is different from other books… Most authors would have Katybird and Delpha be best friends right from the start, but in Cattywampus, they are not.

5. Katybird and Delpha learn to like someone who is different than themselves and learn how to work together. This is something kids need to read about and learn from.

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