You Should See Me In A Crown

  • 2 min read

By Leah Johnson

Book Source: DRC provided

Book Status: Available

1. I must warm readers, this is book for older teens. It does have some curse words, and it has LGTBQ+ things.

2. The main character, Liz, is one of the few black students in her high school. She is being raised by her grandparents. She is also figuring out who she is.

3. Liz has been accepted to a very expensive college and learns she did not get the scholarship she needs to afford it. She doesn’t want to tell her grandparents because they would sell their house for her. She tries to figure out other ways to get the funds.

4. Her school is weirdly obsessed with Prom King and Queen. There is a major scholarship for the King and Queen. There is a lot of work that goes into the weeks leading up to Prom.

5. This book shows how Liz has to find herself during the Prom Queen process. She finds her voice, strengthens her friendships and maybe even finds love.

6. I might have been a little young for this book but really liked the characters and the storyline.

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