Animal Crackers

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Story by Scott Christian Sava

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Movie Source: Netflix

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Ok, this review will be both about the book Animal Crackers: Circus Mayhem, the book and Animal Crackers, the movie. I LOVED BOTH! Mike Maihack shared he knew the creator of the movie and that was enough for me to watch it. I loved it and then Scott Christian Sava told me there was a comic. Come back later today to hear more about the creator!

1 . (Movie) I LOVE THE START!! Horatio is cool though. He is just misunderstood. I mean, when you have a crush on someone and your brother marries your crush, get mad at him. DUH.

2. (book) WHOOOO HOOOOO so fun, and Owen is 7 in the book, and A BALLOON IS NOT A TIRE CHESTERFIELD.

3. (Movie) Welp. Yeah…. good job Owen. You landed yourself a job eating dog treats FOR A LIVING. But hey, you have Zoe. And Mackenzie. But Brocks umm…. how do I say this…. yes! He is an extremely boastful but good looking errand boy. Oh an Binkleys fun! She is so cool! Also, yes Brock has been sabotaging your machine.

4. (Book) I love how in the book, they have a different villian than in the movie, and Contorto is cool… I stil think Horatio is better at villian stuff… Also, why did you switch out the 2 henchmen in the book for the 4 in the movie. Zucchini is cool though, but why, why, have El Diablo and not the cat guy from the book?

5. (Movie/book) I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF ANIMAL CRACKERS TURNING HUMANS INTO ANIMALS!!!!!!!!! Also I want to see Owen use the Brock cracker on Horatio. I SO WANT TO SEE THAT!

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