A Summer Taken

  • 2 min read

By Jason Milgram

Book Source: DRC provided for review

Book Status: Available

1 . The main character in this book has lost her cousin and returns to the camp they attended.

2. The girl finds a letter from her cousin… and memories creep up to her mind, revealing what happened to her cousin two years before.

3. The girl is a writer. She hides herself in a small hut so she can write a tribute about her cousin for her funeral two years late.

4. The girl is Julia and her cousin Lizzy… was shot in a protest as the memories portray it…

5. Julia has to write the tribute while juggling the grief of being back at camp, the last place the cousins had fun together, and figuring out how to get that grief to go away. It been two years, and Julia doesn’t understand why it is still there.

6. Kids will like this book because its about grief and finding friends when nobody feels like one.

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