Three Keys

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By Kelly Yang

Book Source: DRC provided in exchange for honest review

Book Status: Available September 15, 2020

1 . This is the sequel to Front Desk. This book is a book that challenges readers, but not in a way that makes reading it impossible, but a way that make you think about what was happening then. I liked this book better than Front Desk because of how it challenges you.

2 . Mia is torn between being friends with Lupe or Jason. Lupe has some kind of grudge against Jason, but Mia doesn’t understand.

3 . The Calivista Motel is doing not so good, but Mia’s mom decides to get a credit card anyway. All of the investors are getting a little frustrated with the down in profits.

4. Lupe’s dad is taken to jail because his papers expired, and Lupe’s mom is in Mexico because her Grandma died. Lupe starts a campaign and get a lot of people to help get her dad out of jail.

5. This book is great because it is set in late 1980s, early 1990s California, when Pete Wilson became governor. It explains how Pete Wilson hated “illegal” immigrants, and sent a lot of them to jail. It also says in the ending part about how Donald Trump is like Pete Wilson.

6. The thing I don’t get about these people against immigrants is nearly all Americans are either immigrants or descendents of immigrants. Isn’t this like hating on yourself? It doesn’t really make sense to me.

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