Name Tags and Other Sixth Grade Disasters

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By Ginger Garrett

Book Source: DRC provided via Netgalley for review

Book Status: Available September 1, 2020

This year, I will be in sixth grade so the title made me curious what can go wrong in sixth grade.

1 . The main character, Lizbeth, is dealing with the fact that her parents divorced. For two years she has pranked and tricked her dad’s girlfriends into leaving. A lot. I mean A LOT. She got every one to leave except the current one.

2. Lizbeth and her mom move to the other side of town, and she transfers schools. She leaves behind her besties, and soon feels they practically forgot about her. She has to find new friends but she is seated at the “Weirdos” pod and soon finds any chance of the “cool” kids liking her gone.

This is something I am worried about this year. My best friends are not going to the same middle school as me. I will need to make new school friends, which is going to be even harder in a pandemic.

3. I have to confess, Lizbeth is THE COOOLLLLESTTT BOOK CHARACTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s a geek, a cosplayer a Sci-Fi fan, and so much other geeky and nerdy stuff! It is a lot of the same stuff I like. It is nice to see a girl portrayed into liking these things. They are not just for boys.

4. Lizbeth really wants her parents to get married again, and she really, especially hates her dad’s current girlfriend. Her name is Claire and she is “A coffee breath boring lawyer” or something like that… Lizbeth has pranked Claire so many times, she is starting to give up…

But never fear, Weirdo Pod is here! The school changes the annual talent show up a bit, and EVERYONE has to compete. She teams up with weirdo pod, and they work together to make THE BEST THING EVER for the talent show.

5. Lizbeth does learn pranking her dad’s girlfriends is not a really nice thing. This isn’t a book where a kid is going to think pranks are a good decision. There is a good morale lesson in the book… or maybe a few.

6. So school may never be like it is in the books again, but kids will still relate to the friend worries, the stress about parents, finding and being yourself (even if you are the weirdo) and that a lot of kids go through these things. Maybe we are all weirdos.

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