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By Elizabeth Lim
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1. This book is the Mulan book in the Twisted Tales series. In this book, Li Shang gets hit by a sword instead of Mulan and is dying. Mulan has to go to the underworld, Diya to save him.

2. Mulan stays disguised as Ping longer than in the movie, and that poses more problems. She has a companion other than Li Shang, named ShiShi, who is the slightly arrogant, slightly self centered, great guardian of the Li family.

3. When she makes a deal with the god of Diya, King Yama, she is faced with many challenges. If she does not get the party to the human world by sunrise, or if she dies in the underworld, she has to stay in Diya as a demon.

4. This book is great for kids my age because it is a twist in things kids my age usually don’t like, but kids will love this version.

5. This book is just so great because it has a cool twist on the classic Mulan. It has so many twists and turns and unexpected things happening. It is like the coolest Mulan book of all time!!!!!!

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