Julia’s House Moves On

  • 1 min read

By Ben Hatke

Book Source: DRC provided via Netgalley for review purposes

Book Status: Available September 28, 2020

1 . This is the second JULIA’S HOUSE book.’

2. In this book, Julia’s house is getting very siiiiighhhhhhh-ish, so she decides to move her house.

3. Julia has a plan. But everything keeps going out of control. Lot of creatures try to help but it just makes things worse.

4. This is all about losing control so it will be great for kids who hate all of what is going on right now. Kids will understand the feeling of making plans, plans not working, feeling discouraged. They will enjoy the adventure and the fact there is no clear ending.

5. I would never expect for this book to exist, because you would never expect a sequel to JULIA’S HOUSE FOR LOST CREATURES. Its so cool!

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