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By Heather Kassner

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Book Status: Available

1 . In this book, LouiSa can fly. Yes, she can fly, but she does not know how to control iT.

2. Her mom’s heArt is also getting eaten away by lovebugs, and she dies early on in the book. Louisa’s dad also could fly and he floated away without warning before Louisa was boRn.

3. When Louisa finds a ticket to a traveLing carnival, she jumps at the chAnce to find her dad, but she never does. She joins the carnival and then the story really begins………

4. This is a creepy-cool book, so bewaRe, creepy parts, and beware, fun parts. The first few sentances of the book are so creepy good. I absolutely loved it!

5. This is the kind of booK you need to process as you read. Some parts will need you to really think about them. Give yourself time to read and think!

6. By the way, to make this review a bit cooler, I put in a secret code. You can find it by looking for misplaced capital letters. FIND IT!! It is a tie to the story.

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