Alpaca My Bags

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By Jenny Goebel
Book Source: DRC provided for review
Book Status: Available September 1

1 . In this book the girl’s family moves a lot so they can have adventure, but Amelia, the girl, does not like adventure and just wants to stay in one place.

2. When Amelia’s family decides to settle down in a town, they assure her its only for a little time, but she doesn’t care. Unlike her brothers, she wants to stay, and hates that it might be for only a few weeks.

3. Amelia finds an Alpaca farm, and begins to work there. She is very content but her parents hate that she is missing morning hikes because of it and therefor hate that she works there.

4., This book is great for right now because its all about letting and making others hear you.

5. This book is really, really cool, and I love that she works on an ALPACA FARM!!!!

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  1. I love alpaca my bags so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the best book ever I wonnder if she makes a second one because It is on of the only books I really like to red

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