Land of The Cranes

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By Aida Salazar

Book Source: Review Copy provided for review purposes.

Book Status: Available on September 15,2020

1 . In this book, the author describes the horrors of the Zero Tolerance law on immigration. The author describes it through the story of a girl named Betita, who was taken through that law.

2. Betita’s father was taken. On her way to visit him, her mom missed an exit and they had to go through border control, where they where taken.

3. The whole book is written in poems, even the dialogue.

4. Betita and her mom are put in a cage with other children and mothers. Betita makes friends with another girl and her mom makes friends with the girls mom.

5. This book is good because it doesn’t sugarcoat the truth, like other books do, and it tells what happens without making it seem better than it is. I like that about this and other kids will too.

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  1. This book has absolutely gorgeous cover art. Have you read ‘The Moon Within?’ If so, which one do you think is better and which would you recommend I read first? 🙂

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