The Great Chicago Fire

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By Kate Hannigan and Alex Graudinas
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Review by Lil Brother

1. This is a graphic novel of the Great Chicago Fire.   It is told by two kids and a dog who live through the fire.

2. Graphic novels are easy to read and you know who is saying things. The pictures help you know what they are doing.

3. The main characters are Franny and John-Patrick (JP). The other main character is Lucky.  Plus there is Mrs O’Leary.  You hear the story from different points of view.

4. You learn facts about the fire while following their efforts to escape it and find their family. Did you know the Old Mrs O’Leary song isn’t true? A cow didn’t kick over a candle and set a city on fire. That would be horrible.

5. I like reading about real things. I am mostly a non-fiction reader.  Finding non-fiction books and graphic novels for kids has been fun this summer.  I read this one at least 19 times!

6. I think kids like me will enjoy this book. Kids who like Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales will like this series. (Spoiler I will review Hazardous Tales soon)

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