World War II Graphic Novels

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Normandy and The Battle of the Bulge

By Wayne Vanshant

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I am interested in wars. I am really interested in D-Day and other World War II battles. We found these two graphic novels online.

1 Each book covers one major battle and takes you from start to finish

2 There are a lot of details. You should read it slowly and more than once to get the information.

3 The graphics help tell the story and put you in the middle of the battle. There are maps to help you find the battles.

4 I am a fourth grader and this may be for slightly older readers. If you really like non-fiction like me, you may like this. Just give yourself time to read

5 I recommend these to readers who like history.

6 The page I like the most in Normandy is about Sgt Summers who wandered into a German mess camp. It is interesting to think even in war, people were not focused. You would think you should not be able to walk into your enemy’s mess hall.

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