Pounce & Fetch

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Pounce by Tracey West & Gary Weitzman

Fetch by Aubre Andrus and Gary Weitzman

Book Source: Provided by Media Masters Publicity for review purposes

Book Status: Available

I really like cats. I don’t mind dogs but I am very allergic to dog salivia, so I keep my distance. Dog kisses are no good for me. When Bridget was offered a chance to review these books, she gave them to me.

1 The books are about how to train your cat or dog.

2 You learn how to read your cat or dog. Like what does their tail signal. How do you know they are happy. What noises they make and why. Vocalization

3 It is also explains how you can train your pet. I am going try some of the cat training tricks on foster kittens who are shy

4 I learned to make a toy for my cats.

5 Kids who want to learn something they can use in real life will like these books. Kids with dogs or cats will like these books. Kids who like animals will find it interesting.

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