Danbi leads the school parade

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By Anna Kim

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Today is my first day of fourth grade. Bridget is starting sixth grade. We are starting school remote. Bridget is at our grandparents house in Maine. Our grandparents were teachers! She thinks they will help better than Mom will!

Let’s go to the review about a girl on her first day of school

1 Mom got this book because she has a coworker named DANBI. They were curious what the story was about and my mom’s coworker was excited to see her name in a book.

2 Danbi is attending her first day of school in America. Her family has moved from another country. She finds school very different.

3 At first it is hard to adjust to the new way of school. It makes her sad. I feel that way about starting school at my house. It is not the same as seeing my teachers, classmates and even principal in person.

4 Danbi finds a way (a messy, noisy way) to make friends.

5 Kids will like this story because it is about being the new kid or being in a new situation. A lot of kids are in a new situation this year. We have to find our ways of making it work.

Bridget’s first day of sixth grade!

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