Lost on a Mountain in Maine

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Lost on a mountain in Maine by Donn Fendler as told to Joseph B. Egan

Lost Trail by Donn Fendler with Lynn Plourde; Illustrated by Ben Bishop

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The little brother takeover continues with a story Mom read as a kid. She says this is a story kids in Maine used to read in middle school.

1 It is the true story of a kid getting lost in the Maine woods for nine days!

2 One of the books is a chapter book and the other is a graphic novel version. This means more kids can read the story!

3 Because Donn shared his experience, you feel like you are lost in the woods with him! He shared what he actually went through

4 Even though he got lost in 1939, it is still a story kids will find interesting. There are lots of places in Maine that don’t have great signal so you can still get lost in the woods of Maine now!

5 Kids who like adventures, the outdoors and mysteries would like this story. Kids curious about real life experiences would find this interesting. I think this story with Christina Soontornvat’s ALL THIRTEEN would be a great real life adventure pack for a kid!!

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