Under the Broken Sky

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By Mariko Nagai

Book Source: Given to me by my library!

Book Status: Available

1 The main character, Natsu, is an orphan in Manchuria with her Sister Asa. Manchuria is a section of Northeast Asia, near the border of what is now Russia.

2 When the sisters find the Soviets are coming, they have to run away. That was hard, because it was only women and children. The men had been enlisted to WWII.

3 The sisters and their aunt have to run and hide from other people while they are going to a place and they are scared from many near death experiences.

4 Kids would like this book because it is very realistic and it does not make the truth sound better than it is. I see a lot of books do that but prefer this honest approach

5 I love this book because it is written in poems and the poems are so beautiful.

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