Queen of the Sea

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By Dylan Meconis

Book Source: Borrowed from library

Book Status: Available.

1. This is inspired by the early years of Queen Elizabeth I, and it mostly takes place in an Elysian Convent tucked away from the outside world

2. The main character, Margaret, is a young girl, but she was in a ship that came to the island one day, so nobody knows much about her.

3. This is a graphic novel, but the illustrations are not computer made, but watercolor!!

4. Kids would like this book because it isn’t fantasy, its not non-fiction, but its a history based fiction, and it is sooo cool!

5. This book is such a great book, and I have re=read it so many times. It also tells of hardships some nuns and servants fell under when a leading figure of a convent was not nice or was evil.

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