Legend of the Storm Sneezer

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By Kristiana Sfirlea

Book Source: review copy provided in exchange for fair review

Book Status: Available

1 Rose has a storm cloud that follows her everywhere

2 In the world, Rose lives in angels are common, maybe more so than humans!

3 Rose is an angel, and she has a guardian angel (Marek) who is a lumberjack.

4 Rose is sent to an asylum for unstable magic, where she has to unravel a mystery about the asylum. 

5 Rose meets so many cool people including a ghost warg and a half dead one! They find a graveyard and learn a lot!

6 Also, the story has a lot of side notes by Rose’s future selves and even full pages by the future selves. 

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  1. The cover art is really cute, it reminds me of something out of a Hayao Miyazaki film. 🙂 What age group is this for, do you think an adult who still enjoys middle grade might get something out of it?

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