The Safe Return

  • 2 min read

By Ashley Wheelock and Arwen Evans

Illustrated by Abigail Gray Swartz

Book Source: Provided in exchange of a fair review

Book Status: Available

1 This is the story of little kids going for a bike ride. They go fast. They crash. They lose a toy.

2 The kids help their friend find his missing toy.

3 It is story of practicing something that is hard and being a friend

4 It is also a double story so don’t think it is a very long story. If you read the book one way, the people are wearing masks. If you the other way, there are no masks

5 The book doesn’t mention COVID or why they are wearing masks. The masks are a visual image that young kids will recognize. It is normal for little kids to see and wear masks. Seeing in that in the book just makes the illustrations more like what they see. And you can also read the same story without masks!

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