My Truth

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With local goverment officials after a BLM peace walk this summer

I made this song for art class, when we were supposed to make art as activism. The first verse is some of the things we were supposed to do.

I’m tellin my truth

I’m unapolegetic

I’m makin ya think

I wanna change the world

The world is divided

One side is small

But they have all the power

No-one thinks

No-one knows

It’s pretty or ugly

Rich or poor

white or black

Man or woman

Nobody cares anymore

Even if I write a million songs

Some just won’t listen

But some will

And they will think

What happened

It’s not like we are diffferent things

Cause we’re all humans

humans humans humans

Sometimes it feels hopeless

Sometimes we wanna give up

But soon it will change

That’s what we need

Yeah it will change

Soon it will change

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