The Woman’s Hour: Our Fight for the Right to Vote

  • 2 min read

By Elaine Weiss

Book Source: Given to me by library

Book Status: Available

1 This is book is an adaption for kids of an adult’s book about efforts for women’s votes.

2 In reading this book, I learned a lot about what went into women being able to vote.

3 It makes you realize why voting is so important to many people and why you appreciate the ability to vote.

4 It makes me frustrated to learn that there are still actions to make to it hard for people to vote. You read in the newspapers now about limited ballot boxes, long lines, lengthy rules on proving you can vote and more. It just seems mean when you think about the efforts put in to get everyone the right to vote.

5 This book is timely for kids during an election period, especially one that seems so heated. It also makes you question why so many people don’t use their vote. Why wouldn’t you want a say in your government?

6 Middle grade and older kids will find this book interesting and educational. I visited Seneca Falls two summers ago and now I really appreciate it more. Time to visit again.

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