A place at the table

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By Saadia Faruqi & Laura Shovan

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I am a big fan of Saadia and Laura’s work so was excited to see them work together. They each bring their own story to this joint story of finding yourself and staying true to your heritage.

The story is about Sara and Elizabeth. They meet when Sara’s mom is teaching a cooking class at their school. Sara is still new there and is resisting making friends. Elizabeth is fascinated by her and reaches out. They end up pairing to cook together.

The story covers a lot of topics including friendship, understanding religions other than your own, financial hardships, depression, grief, racism, middle school angst, middle school popularity and so much more. It also shows how you can find a bridge between differences or in this case, make a place at the table for them.

I am a new sixth grader and it has been tough. None of my friends came with me to my new middle school and because we are virtual, it has been hard to make new friends. I also have a different heritage than my peers. I could relate to Sara feeling like an outsider because she doesn’t look like the other kids. This book gives me hope that I will find my own place.

Ok, and I really, really want to try their ice cream! (Slight spoiler but I am saying anymore)

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