How I have changed since March….

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Wire Suspension Bridge near New Portland

More than 220 days ago, my life completely changed. Yours probably did to. COVID quarantine began with the promise of two weeks out of school and then normal life would resume. Yea, that didn’t happen and now normal life as we knew it, is gone. I keep wanting things to go back to normal but I really have no clue what normal is.

I admit I am getting bored and maybe pushing the boundaries a bit too much. I need to reset my mind that is temporary. I need to wait and not ask to do things that are big crowds. We have been lucky we have not been sick and we need to keep that going. My mom tracks covid for her work. I need to pay attention when she is explaining the data she is seeing. (PS I can’t imagine having to be immersed in COVID all day for so long)

Before this started I was really getting into track cycling. I have not been to track in something 230 days. I have not even had a lot of motivation to ride to my bike. I come up with all kinds of excuses why. Road riding is not the same. I will do it tomorrow. My sensor is broken. Now I am out of bike shape and going to have to start all over. I am going to focus on developing my riding skills before racing again.

Middle school is kicking my butt. It is just like all the books say. I even tried to take on too much at once. Plus virtual learning is making it hard to meet people.

I really need to develop study skills and better note taking. I am not good at this. Before this I could get good grades without really trying. Now I need to put the work in. I am open to all suggestions on note taking and studying.

Since school is virtual, I went to my grandparents in Maine at end of August. Ten weeks later and I should be going home at the end of this week. My grandmother has been helping me develop school skills but I have been stubborn. Now I really I get it. I am really glad my grandparents were willing to let me be here.

In Maine, I have been to the beach, seen my godmother, been up a ski mountain to see fall foliage and explored the state my Mom grew up in. I can see why she loves it so much. I feel at home in Maine. My brother and I are trying to convince our parents to move to Maine. Mom is all in but she needs to find a job first. Dad says he is open to it.

Blogging has been really hard. I just don’t feel the spark. I am reading a lot but I just can’t seem to get my thoughts into a post. I am going to try one post a week. I want the reviews to be better quality and more useful to my readers. I have seen a lot of kid reviewers pop up as a result of the quarantine. I think that it is great to add more kid voices to the mix, but it also means I need to put more thought into what I write. Open to suggestions here too!

2020 has been a year of change.

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  1. Oh, sweetie! It’s been a real slog, hasn’t it? What you are feeling is what so many are feeling – even my kids who are much older than you. I am glad you got to spend time in Maine with your grandparents. It is a beautiful state – deep woods and seashore, who could ask for more? Don’t pressure yourself about blogging, but know that we love hearing from you whenever you get a chance to write. Love, Aimée

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