Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen

  • 2 min read

By Jim C Hines

Book Source: Review Copy provided by my uncle

Book Status: Available

This book is a really fun fantasy about friendship, not judging the book by its cover, acceptance, and just plain fantasy.

Tamora is joined by her autistic brother, a magical cheerleader, a goblin and a soda can pix. You definitely need read more just to learn what a soda can pix is. I am not telling but it so cool!

One thing I related to was her dad was really into making sure she followed safety rules like helmets and seatbelts. I think it was interesting to see that in a book because my parents are advocates of these. It is weird to me that they even have to remind us on these things that are so obviously for our good.

Tamora is also a library user. I mean she really likes the library, which is pretty cool and good reminder for kids that libraries are awesome.

I think kids who are into books like Roller Girl, Derby Daredevils, and books like that will love this. It is great to see roller derby in so many books.

I am so glad my uncle thought of me and sent me this book!

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