Malcolm and Me

  • 2 min read

By Robin Farmer

Book Source: ARC provided for review

Book Status: Will be available November 17, 2020

This book is set in the 1970’s, which sounds like a lot like now with political and social unrest. The main character, Roberta, is trying to figure out where she stands in all of this even if it means believing something different than the adult around her. Through her efforts to learn more, she reads a book about Malcolm X and it helps her find her voice.

As a kid only a few years younger than Roberta living through the political and social unrest now, I found a lot of parallels. I believe kids should have a voice now. If you read my blog, you know I participated in BLM marches in my community. I have spoken up and even lost blog followers, but speaking up was more important.

This book also introduced me to Malcolm X. I had heard his name but nothing more. I am very curious to learn more about him and other civil rights leaders beyond Martin Luther King Jr. It is strange to me that we only learn about one person when it really took a lot of people.

Some adults may not like kids reading this book. Maybe it is because they are afraid of kids finding their voices or hearing from another perspective. Kids need the opportunity to explore all sides of an issue. Nothing is black and white (even if I wish more things were).

I would suggest this book for upper middle grade and older interested in activism, social issues and finding your voice.

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