Lilac Skully and the Spirit of the Storm

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Lilac Skully and the Spirit of the Storm (Supernatural Adventures of Lilac Skully Book 4) by [Amy Cesari]

By Amy Cesari

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A while back I was asked to review the first few books of the Lilac Skully series. I thought the series was really cool and have been anxiously awaiting a next installment. The fourth and maybe final book just came out recently. Let’s talk about it.

Lilac Skully is a girl who can see ghosts. She is looking for her father who was taken by an evil demon. The books are her adventures in finding him and befriending ghosts. Previous books had Halloween takeovers of amusement parks, spooky lighthouse and ghost carriage rides. It is not scary spook, but more creepy, adventure spook.

In THE SPIRIT OF THE STORM, Lilac begins her final attack to get her father back while her only help is a witch and a walkie-talkie to captured ghosts. And some human friends including some very helpful twins. I can’t tell you much more without revealing the secrets but I can say it is a satisfying end.

The series comes loss, friendship, lying, reconciliation, ghosts, mermaids, witches, demons, amusement parks, lighthouses, caves, treasure and so much more. There is probably something in these books for anyone. Strong readers may read it quickly because you can’t put them down. Overall, fun and spooky read for kids and probably grown-ups.

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