Chowder Rules!

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By Anna Crowley Redding

Illustrated by Vita Lane

Book Source: won during book launch event w/ Print Bookstore

Book Status: Available

Everyone is on edge with the current election results so how about a book about another hotly contested item. Clam Chowder! I won this book during the virtual book launch by being the only one who voted for tomato clam chowder. Honestly, I don’t like clam chowder period but no one had voted for tomato so I did. My mom was not amused. She strongly believes tomatoes do not belong with clams.

This book is a fun telling of a 1939 clam chowder cook-off to determine which type of clam chowder was best. Maine milk based or Manhattan tomato based. A Maine lawmaker was so upset to hear about tomato based clam chowder he proposed a law against it. That started a hotly contest debate that even had a cook-off heard around the US.

Between the fun wording and quirky illustrations, kids will be drawn into this story. It really isn’t hard to believe grown-ups would get this wound up over a soup. Grown-ups can be silly. It is a fun way to learn about weird events in the past.

I also really suggest participating in book launch events. Right now, with them being virtual, you can attend an event anywhere with an author or illustrator. You learn so much about their process and the thoughts that go into it all. They share secrets of the books and even what the colors in the illustrations mean. Plus you could win something…even if you intentional vote to win .

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