Saint Ivy

  • 2 min read

By Laurie Morrison

Book Source: ARC provided via Edelweiss

Book Status: Out in May 2021

Ivy is nothing like me. She always assumes the best of people, no matter what. She is an optimist – too much of one! She learns a lesson to not make assumptions. Maybe the reader learns it isn’t such a bad thing to think positively of people.

Middle school is rough. Some days it feels too rough and like no one gets you. It can be hard to think positively of those people around you. But then you go to your math teacher to review a quiz you studied hard for but still didn’t get the grade you were hoping. While reviewing, he finds a place to add a point and now you have a B!!!!! (True story…this week)

I would suggest this book to kids like me who are pessimist or don’t always see the good in people. It is a good reminder to think differently and give people a chance. It is also a cautionary tale not to make assumptions even overly good assumptions.

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