Amari and the Night Brothers

  • 2 min read

By B.B. Alston

Book Source: ARC provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available January 19, 2021

This book doesn’t come out till January but I really think you should add it to your pre-order/wishlists. I didn’t have expectations for this book but it exceeded what I thought from the cover. It is an exciting adventure for kids with a main character who is really something. I can see my best friend cosplaying her.

Amari is a young girl living in a housing project with her mom. Her brother has gone missing. One day, she finds him waiting in her closet. He is a hologram only to be used when he is missing in action or killed. The hologram tells she has been nominated for a secret society. And from there the quest begins and you won’t put the book down.

Kids will see themselves in many of the characters. There is something about each character that is interesting. Is this the usual kid goes on a magical quest book? Sure but we love those stories. The more magical quests books there are with a better mix of characters, the more kids will find themselves in the story.

The best part is this is book one of a trilogy so two more adventures to anxiously await. Or maybe impatiently await.

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