The true story of Zippy Chippy

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By Artie Bennett

Illustrations by Dave Szalay

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: Available

This picture book is a cute telling of a real story about a race horse who never won a race in 100 races. As a competitive track cyclist, I feel it so much. Kids need to hear more stories about those who try but don’t win. Winning isn’t everything.

As kids we don’t see that very often as people celebrate the winners, the top grades, the best XYZ. When I was riding on the track, my parents reminded me I should only compete against myself. I needed to get faster for me and because I love track cycling. (PS I really miss track cycling)

The illustrations are even cuter than the story. They will warm the hearts of kids and make them love Zippy even more.

I just really think we need more stories like this!

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