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By Megan Wagner Lloyd and Michelle Mee Nutter

Book source: ARC provided by Scholastic

Book Status: Available March 2, 2021

This graphic novel is about girl who finds out she is allergic to pretty much everything with hair. She finds out when she goes to adopt a puppy and has a major allergic reaction. It covers all the emotions of being an allergy kid.

I know this because I am a food allergy kid. Lil Bro is very allergic to dog salivia and also food allergies. We know how it feels to not get to enjoy something because of allergies. Lil Bro even knows about allergic hives and feeling miserable just because a dog licked him. We have both had the allergy prick test. I don’t remember mine but Lil Bro remembers his. He popped the hives very quickly.

A book like this will educate other kids on what it is like. Why we avoid things. And how miserable and alone it can feel. How you can worry about getting sick just from the simplest thing or even want to break your allergy restriction just to fit in. Often allergies are treated like they are made up or an overreaction. They aren’t. Feeling sick, having hives, not being able to breathe and even more is not a joke.

I am so happy for this graphic novel to come out. I hope all the kids read this.

Oh and for people who aren’t supportive of graphic novels, a story like this should change your mind. The mix of visuals and words telling an allergic reaction is more powerful than just the words. Take it from a kid who has lived it.

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