Maybe a mermaid

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By Josephine Cameron

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This book’s cover caught my attention at the store. I mean mermaids and sparkles! So yes, I bought this book solely based on the cover and it was a good call. (PS The jacket art is by Maike Plenzke and jacket design by Christina Dacanay)

The story is about a girl named Anthoni who is all about the plan. She believes in following all plans as closely as possible. She doesn’t want adventure in her life. She just wants a friend who doesn’t forget her when she moves for her mom’s work. I think a lot of kids would want that. Anthoni moves a lot for her mom’s work and really doesn’t have a friend.

If her mom makes her next goal and gets promoted at work, she and Anthoni will go to a resort, which just happens to be where mom had met her best friend (or as they say in book True Blue Friend). I can’t say much more without spoiling…except a mermaid is more than just part of the title.

This book surprised me. I couldn’t put it down after the first few chapters. I admit I found it weird at first but then something clicked and it was WHOA. So give this book a few chapters before putting it down.

It is about friendship, moving, change, life plans, change, setting goals, mermaids, being a weird kid and well, just a lot of what middle grade life is about. It has the same level drama most middle grade books have. So I guess middle grade years are very dramatic.

I really recommend this book! Sometimes judging a book by the cover is a good call.

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