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By Jen Wang

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So when I saw Jen Wang’s name on the cover, I was immediately interested. Yep, another choose a book by its cover. And once again, not a bad call.

This is a graphic novel about two girls who become friends when one moves into the other’s spare house. One of the character has a major medical issue that you don’t learn about until towards the end. It is actually based a little on Jen’s own life. The girls also tackle school and social issues together. The girls get into K-Pop & dancing together and helps bond them. It even becomes their talent show act.

To be honest, it was kind of nice to read a middle grade story without major drama. Was there drama? Yes. Was it the angsty, social, every one hates me, friendship explosion drama? Nope. The group of friends stick it through. They seem like healthy friendship. Not everybody loves them same things, but they support each other. It is nice to know that friendships can actually work out without the drama.

As a graphic novel, I found this a quick read. You feel like a ghostly observer of them. Jen’s illustrations bring you in deeper. There are details and visual images that bring you into the story. The images as always help tell the story. Words alone wouldn’t give the story justice.

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