A thousand questions

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By Saadia Faruqi

Book Status: Available

Oops, I forgot to share my thoughts on this book. Organization is not one of my strengths. But in book reviews, it is always good to share about a book even if it is already out. This is a book I think kids should read.

Mimi is spending her summer in Karachi where her Mom grew up. She is very unhappy about this and complains and acts out to express herself. In contrast, there is Sakina, the cook’s daughter. She appreciates all the little things her family does for her. Mimi’s family is very wealthy. Sakina’s is not. Together they learn to appreciate things, how to express yourself successfully and become good friends.

It helps when it is obvious an author has gone through the challenge they are writing about. It can not be easy living between two cultures and not really knowing were you fit. Then you get thrown into one and it is really sink or swim.

One thing I like about Saadia’s writing is her descriptions are so vivid that you can hear the sounds, smell the food and really want to eat it. You become part of the story, not just a ghostly observer. You feel it when someone is sad or happy or scared.

I definitely recommend this book for middle graders who want to learn to appreciate what they have, are curious about Karachi or just want a good book.

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