Red, white and whole

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By Rajani LaRocca

Book Source: DRC provided for review purposes

Book Status: available

In 2020, I had a really hard time getting into books. It is not as easy as it used to be. I don’t think it is the books, but the situation we are in because I have heard a lot of adults say the same thing. So I am little behind in reading books and getting reviews out. But this book, I would have read in one sitting if I hadn’t had to go to bed! WOW!

First, I love verse style books. I just love poetry and I think it is really interesting when middle grade books are written in verse. It can’t be easy to read so smoothly.

This the story of a middle grade girl who is trying to figure out where she fit. She is the first of her Indian family to be born in America. Her birth was really hard on her mom and so she is an only child. Her mom is very strict and she feels like she can’t do things like her friends. It is tough when the rules are different for you than your friends.

This book also has a sad part. I really appreciated that there wasn’t a miraculous happy ending to everything. Unfortunately, that isn’t how life is. It is unfair for kids to always read happy ending stories. The sad parts of life are just as important as the happy parts. In a time like now, kids need a book like this to help process the sad moments of life.

Overall, WOW, this book was really good. I could see this book being used in a class and creating a lot of discussion.

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