The Fabulous Zed Watson!

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By Basil Sylvester and Kevin Sylvester

Book source: review copy provided

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This is a story about a nonbinary middle grader who loves a certain book. The problem is the book is not finished (you have to read the story to understand this). To find the finished part of the book you have to solve a puzzle. The clues are in the chapters provided. Only four chapters are provided. Each detail a different monster. The story is the book was written a long time ago but wasn’t published because they didn’t like some of the content. Ahhhh book censorship. When are people going to realize that if you don’t publish or let us read it, it doesn’t mean the content doesn’t exists in real life.

Anyway a really fun, quirky read that helped me find the fun in books again. If Kevin Sylvester is involved, I am not surprised. He is one of twitter pals for teasing Jarrett Lerner. They are fun adults. I did tease Kevin about whether or not he is basis for the weird parents in book. He said partially.

I really recommend this book. It is fantastic to see a nonbinary character in a middle grade book presented as just another kid. Not a strange oddity or what are they, but as another kid. The story isn’t they are nonbinary, the story is a puzzle. If you liked Parker Inheritance, this is a good next book to read. Hey, authors, can we have more puzzle books?

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