Escaping Ordinary

  • 2 min read

By Scott Reintgen

Book Source: DRC provided

Book Status: Available

Escaping Ordinary is the second story in the Talespinners series. It is a fascinating way to tell how stories come together. In this book, you go through the beginning, middle and end with the big plot. This lines up well with what I am studying in english class.

Another thing I like is it explores how no one person can be perfect or do it alone. Indira really needs to learn to work with others and not rely entirely on herself. This is something middle graders to see/read/hear. I think we can often believe we have to be perfect at everything and not ask for help. I know it is something I am working on. I can see asking for help as failure but it is not. A story like this really shows how the failure is not asking and trying to do it alone.

I really recommend this series to kids who like adventures, those stories that break the fourth wall but don’t entirely, those curious the mechanics of storytelling and well kids who just need to escape. I can’t wait for another adventure.

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