The Raconteur’s Commonplance Book

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By Kate Milford

Book Source: copy provided by author

Book Status: Available now

Are you curious about what it might be like to be stuck in a house for extended period of time? What if we added a bunch of strangers? And then, you can not even go outside? And it is because of nature, that you are trapped? No I am not talking about a COVID story, but THE RACONTEUR’S COMMONPLACE BOOK. It comes out today and is considered an extension of THE GREENGLASS HOUSE series.

It is a third person view of strangers trapped together because of a flood. The strangers must get to know each other and do so by telling stories. The stories are more than just a way to pass time, they actually tell about the storyteller. It was a very interesting way to see a story unfold in a story.

If you haven’t read Kate’s previous books, you will find the storytelling very different. I love her style. It is so unique and creative. She really has her own way!

Kids who want to explore storytelling as a device should check this out. Kids who are sick of their house definitely should check it out.

Oh yea, and after a bunch of stories are shared, something seems to go wrong. I am telling you Kate’s storytelling is very inventive. You never know where the twists will be.

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