Summer of Brave

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By Amy Noelle Parks

Book Source: DRC provided

Book Status: Available now!

This is the story of Lilla, a twelve-year old girl, figuring out who she is and not who her parents and friends want her to be. Her friend challenges her to be brave over the summer and allows her to do things she wouldn’t otherwise do. In doing so, she finds her voice and discovers her way of being heard.

One thing that stood out in this book was the way her parents’ divorce was covered. Her parents are friendly post-divorce. They still make mistakes in how they include her in the divorce, but they are trying to figure out a way that works for everyone. It was nice to see a kid also recognize their parents are happier divorced and therefore, it works better for them. This isn’t a story of a kid trying to get their parents together or parents screaming at each other. I think it would be nice for kids to see more stories about divorce like this. Maybe when they grow up if they divorce it won’t be drama! There is comparison divorce with her friend. His dad left for the babysitter so that one is not so calm of divorce!

The story also covers a kid trying to be heard beyond her parents desires for her. Her mom wants her to go STEM and her dad Art. The school she could attend makes them choose one or the other. Seriously, why would ask a middle grader to make that kind of choice at that age. Kids need exposure to both.

There is a story line about harassment. I didn’t relate to it as much because this idea is new to me. I know it is not okay and having exposure in a book like this prepares me for it. I know now I can speak up if it happens.

I recommend giving this book a couple chapters before you give up. It takes a little to fully get going. There are a lot of little stories that build to the big story. It kind of reads like a TV show and multiple episodes.

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