The In-Between

  • 2 min read

By Rebecca K.S. Ansari

Book Source: DRC provided

Book Status: Available

One thing you want to know about me is I can not resist a spooky book and this is a great example of spooky. Not scary but spooky. I don’t want to be scared but I want to be creeped out.

In this story, a boy can see the people caught between the realms. It starts with a girl just staring at him from across the street. You know something isn’t quite right in the first few sentances but you aren’t sure what. Within the first page, you want to know more about what is going on. The story is his journey of what is going on and becoming comfortable with his unusual talent. It would be very weird to be only one seeing ghosts.

Kids who like J.A. White and Heather Kassner books would really like this book. Kids looking for stories about finding yourself or being yourself may like this. If you have an unusual skill this may be your book.

I don’t recommend reading this undercovers with a flashlight unless you want maximum creep. I really enjoyed this book and hope other kids do too.

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