• 2 min read

By Mượn Thị Văn

Illustrations by Victo Ngai

Book Source: e-ARC provided for review

Book Status: Available May 4, 2021

You know how people say picture books are just for little kids, this book proves that is wrong. It is the story of a family seeking refugee. They have to secretly leave their home and cross a large body of water in a not so great boat to reach safety. The story is told in a poetic written manner with absolutely gorgeous illustrations. I fully expect to see this book on award lists in 2022.

The illustrations are mesmerizing. The textures, the lighting, the sense of motion just draw you into the story. I would love to learn more from the illustrator on their process.

This is good book for discussing refugee experiences. It can also create a dialogue on what it is like to leave what you know behind. I recommend this as a read-out-loud book for classes and families.

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